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Israel Gaza conflict

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Dear All

It is with great sadness that we as a community are watching the terrible events in Israel and Gaza. The terrorist actions are difficult to hear about. We have families, staff  and Governors in our community that are affected by the violence and our thoughts and feelings are with them. It is important that we are supporting each other, and standing strong together to prevent this horror affecting how we communicate and relate to each other. If you are having difficulty due to the situation in Israel or Gaza, or because of community worries here in London- please do get in touch with us and we will try and support you.

Our camaraderie and affection for each other must stand firm at this troubling time, and we will support each other through. We are doing some additional work with the pupils to help them understand what they may hear, and the different opinions and talk around them. We as a school are clear- there is no place for terror and violence and we will not condone the terrorist acts witnessed.

Your truly



John Chilton School

020 8289 4790

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