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Transition Event 17th November 2023

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We hosted a very well attend Transition event that explained all about colleges and community options for pupils’ leaving the school.   

We had stalls for the various colleges to show families about their provision, as well as information from agencies such as ‘Connections’, links to Department of Work and Pensions and other agencies to explain the “The World of Work.”  

Westside Club also attended, as did ‘Home from Home’ to parents and students about the residential moving process. 

Professional feedback was excellent. They reported finding the event “a terrific opportunity to meet parents and students and support them in the application process in how to select the best course which will meet their needs and prepare them for “The World of Work”. 

Parents reported “feeling less stressed, more confident and equipped to guide their children through the process”. 

Parents received information on diverse educational paths, including Foundation Learning, T Levels, BTECs, Academic routes, Vocational Training, Apprenticeships, and Supported Internships. The local Authority provided guidance on the entire process, covering funding, transport, and Travel Training. Travel Trainers explained the process and initiation steps. Spring Hallow 16-19 students also attended to interact with colleges for advice. 


Orchard College West Thames College 
Great Oaks College Green Corridor 
West London (Ealing Green, Southall, Hammersmith) 
HRUC (Harrow, Richmond, Uxbridge) 


Local Authority 

  • Lydia Benson the Lead EHCCO  
  • Sam Heaney (our local Authority EHCCO) and  

The World of Work 

  • Alison Delius our designated Connections advisor.  
  • Thakker Paru The Disability Employment adviser for Ealing 
  • Maria Varela Enterprise Coordinator | Employability & Careers for students with SEND 

Developing Independence 

  • Travel Training Mentors; Tamara Whittick-Rice, Rebecca Powell and Adebukola Oyemade 
  • Home from Home Care – Providing Residential placements  
  • Westside Youth Club – provide clubs for students and young people with disabilities   
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